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START OF SHOW: Montgomery SIGNED ON at 8:59 PM (8/11/10)
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
ARchie Shepp Crepuscule With Nellie / O. C. The NEw York Contemporary Five Delmark (2010)
Gasoline Stove (new project from Scott Morgan of Memphis the Band) Love and Rockets Vultures on the Mainframe self-released 2010
Eric Maring Into the Attic The Line self-rleased 2010
Rat Jackson Motorcycle Horse Midnight Get Right s/r
Dave Anderson and Mike Wingo Song of You Conversations s/r
Graylit Stay The World's Out Late s/r
Keefe Jackson Quartet Put My Finger on it Seeing You See Clean Feed
Jeb Bishop Trio Awomblyin' 2009 S/R
Tender Forever Like The Snare That's Gone No Snare K
Jesse Jones Jr. Funk Mambo Father of Scat Hop S/R
Pearly Gate Music Big Escape Pearly Gate Music Barsuk
Mikrokolektyw Running WIthout Effort Revisit Delmark
The Frowning Clouds She's Mine V/A - OFf the hip Records Label Sampler Off the hip
Cotton Jones Somehow To Keep It Going Tall Hours in the Glowstream Suicide Squeeze
Happy Ending Through Your Eyes Turn It On S/R
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Sun Ra Velvet College Tour Volume One: The Complete Nothing Is... ESP-DISK'
Made Type Tactical All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0 ATP Recordings
END OF SHOW: Montgomery SIGNED OFF at 10:18 PM (8/11/10)