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START OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED ON at 6:16 PM (8/10/12)
--- 6:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Gay Cat Park I'm a Vocoder Synthetic Woman MEDICAL
Monolake Linear Momentum
The Advantage Megaman 2 - Flashman s/t 5RC
* Killer Mike Go! R.A.P. Music WILLIAMS STREET
* Red River Dialect Tavy Cleave awellupontheway LONO
The White Noise Supremacists The Scene Is Dead The Scene Is Dead EP s/r
* Salem Release Da Boar King Night IAMSOUND
* The Bad Plus Flim These Are The Vistas Columbia
* Sylvester Anfang II Assasijn Perzische Trapijten THE GREAT POP SUPPLEMENT
Black Lips Veni Vidi Vici Good Bad Not Evil Vice
* Psychic Feline Non Dot "White Walls" 7-inch WATER WING
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Sungod Cordilleran Laurentide & Cordilleran SONIC MEDITATIONS
Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone That Other Thing Departure of Reason Thirsty Ear
* Blues Control Walking Robin Valley Tangents DRAG CITY
Big Bear (untitled track 1) s/t monitor
David Bowie Rebel Rebel Diamond Dogs RCA
... about Curiousity's radio
* Whatever Brains Bad Dads S/T SORRY STATE
The Mormons Placemats of Purgatory EP
* The Young Talking To Rose Dub Egg MATADOR
Lyndon Baines Johnson I Shall Not Seek and I Will Not Accept...
Zorak & Space Ghost ...industrial ointment... it's good!
Adam Freeland Burn The Clock Now & Them Marine Parade
* Ectoplasm Girls This Is > We Are TxN IDEAL
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* (with) Jayson Black Gold Standard Basic Black BIZARR'D
Steve Hillage Ether Ships Green Virgin
* Altered States of the United Snakes Executive Suites Pagan Tiger Swing Band LOST TREASURES OF THE UNDERWORLD
Bill (?) Bank Failure Songs For Political Action 01 (1926 1953)
* V. Jairam, M. Vasudevan & G. Amaran Pala Raathi Fire Star: Synth-Pop & Electro-Funk from Tamil Films 1985-1989 BOMBAY CONNECTION
Omar Souleyman I Will Make A Trap The Western Concerts Sublime Frequencies
* Nate Wooley/Christian Weber/Paul Lytton Pushing Up Daisies Six Feet Under NO BUSINESS
Negative Format Echo Chamber Moving Past The Boundaries Metropolis
* Heroin in Tahiti Death Surf Death Surf BORING MACHINES
Cop Shoot Cop Fire In The Hole
Unsane Urge To Kill Lambhouse Relapse
AC/DC Dog Eat Eog Let There Be Rock ATCO
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
END OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED OFF at 9:13 PM (8/10/12)