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START OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED ON at 6:02 PM (1/11/13)
--- 6:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Pelt Of Jack's Darbari Effigy MIE MUSIC
of montreal Tender Fax Daughter of Cloud Polyvinyl Record Company
* Jason Robinson Tiresian Symmetry Tiresian Symmetry CUNEIFORM
Acidmothersguruguru Bo Diddley Psychedelic Navigator Important
The Jazz Butcher Real Men A Scandal In Bohemia Glass Records
* Cut Hands Nine-Night Black Mamba VERY FRIENDLY
Georgees Butterflies Never Cry The In-Kraut Vol. 3: Hip Shaking Grooves Made in Germany 1967-1974
* Murs and 9th Wonder Dance with Me The Final Adventure JAMLA
Bevis Frond She's Entitled To New River Head Reckless Records
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Ex-Cult On Film S/T GONER
Consonant Perfect s/t Fenway
* Ahleuchatistas Requiem For The Sea Heads Full of Poison CUNEIFORM
* Matmos Electric Things #5 s/t Vague Terrain
* Parada 88 You're Gonna Miss Me International Feel: A Compilation INTERNATIONAL FEEL
Brujeria Marijuana
Cows In The Mouth
some hypnotist dude Nighttime 7 Days To Better Bowling
* Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Life In L.A. Worn Copy Paw Tracks
* CS Yeh Starts With A Look Transitions DE STIJL
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Berkowitz, Lake & Dahmer Locate and Cement Malpractice: A Pflint Central Primer Birdman Records
* Dachshund Voronoi Diagram Eleven Ridims HIGHGRADE
* Richard Bliwas Trio Heather's Green Nine RISING ROSE
* Mouse On Mars Can WOW MONKEYTOWN
* Socrates Johnny Man Chest Hair B MUSIC/FINDERS KEEPERS
Bad Company Shooting Star --- yeah. I know. I'm blaming that Man Chest Hair comp track for subliminally compelling me to play this. Straight Shooter Swan Song
* Emeralds Everything Is Inverted Just To Feel Anything EDITIONS MEGO
Hewset side b track 3 (no track names) s/t Dekorder
* Bill Orcutt John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 5 TOMPKINS SQUARE
* Legowelt Sketches From Another Century The Paranormal Soul CLONE JACK FOR DAZE
END OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED OFF at 9:08 PM (1/11/13)