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START OF SHOW: buttmuncher SIGNED ON at 3:05 AM (1/16/13)
--- 3:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Cut Hands Brown-Brown Black Mamba VERY FRIENDLY
Voices From The Lake feat. Dozzy and Neel Iyo Voices from the lake prolouge
T.Raumschmiere Musick V/A - Kompakt Extra CD 1 Speicher CD 1 Kompakt
Midnight Magic Drop Me A Line V/A - Permanent Vacation Selected Label Works N.3 Permanent Vacation
Loka My Life Is In These Bottles V/A - XEN CUTS NINJA TUNE
* Forma Mechanique Off/On SPECTRUM SPOOLS
Fe Fe Kalle Bolimbisa L'argent Ne Fait Faz Le Bonheur Gefraco
Shit and Shine Dinner With My Girlfriend Jream Baby Jream Riot Season
* Quiokn/Doom Asylum Be Happy Together Split HOT RELEASES
--- 4:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Mikael Jorgensen & Greg O'Keeffe ARMZ "ARMZ" 7-inch ODESSA
New Order 5-6-7 Power, Corruption, and Lies Factory Records
Electric Bird Noise Japanese Toy Song V/A - Loopers Delight Vol 2
Diesel Guitar Japanese Pops The Japanese/American Noise Treaty Relapse Records
* Oren Ambarchi/Robin Fox Standing Mandala Connected KRANKY
* O B Ignitt space age steppin' Oh Jabba FXHE
* Lazy Magnet Kraft Durch Freude Acts Without Error BATHETIC
* Nadja One Sense Alone Dagdrom BROKEN SPINE
Twentieth Century Zoo You Don't Remember V/A - An Overdose of Heavy Psych Arf! Arf!
* Duracha Ghet-to Funk Eccentric Soul: Omnibus Vol. 1 NUMERO GROUP
Izibani Zomgqashiyo Demanza Mahotella Queens Shanachie Records
--- 5:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Oscar Good Lovin' Woman Man Chest Hair B MUSIC/FINDERS KEEPERS
Group Inerane Tenre Etran Guitars from Agadez vol. 2 Sublime Frequencies
The Magic Plants I'm a Nothing V/A - Off The Wall Volume 1 Past & Present
* Lonnie Holley Earthly Things Just Before Music DUST-TO-DIGITAL
Masters of Percussion A Quality of Seven V/A - The Big Bang
Beautiful Swimmers Excited v/a--if this is house i want my money back Permanent Vacation
Tony Tobias Tomorrow's Bringing V/A - More Music Compilation 2012 More Music
* Roche Outsider Inside A Night at the Hac 100% SILK
* The Bear Brothers Love Is Psychemagik Presents: Magik Cyrkles LENG
* Spires That In The Sunset Rise Winter Song Ancient Patience Wills It Again, Part II HAIRY SPIDER LEGS
END OF SHOW: buttmuncher SIGNED OFF at 5:59 AM (1/16/13)