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START OF SHOW: dainty morsels SIGNED ON at 8:55 AM (7/16/17)
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Ectoplasm Girls Mama Put Me in a Pie TxN iDEAL
Laniakea Zone in Parallel Rose A Pot of Powdered Nettles House of Mythology
* Richard Dawson Weaver Peasant WEIRD WORLD/DOMINO
Diva Satori Divinity in Thee Circle Star Records
* Andomeda Mega Express Orchestra In Light of Turmoil Vula ALIEN TRANSISTOR
Jackie Lynn Alien Love s/t Thrill Jockey
* Saagara Daydream 2 INSTANT CLASSIC
Circle Lintu Joe Serpent Ektro
* Guerilla Toss Dog in the Mirror GT Ultra DFA
Vakula Double Star System Cyclicality Between Procyon and Gomeisa Dekmantel
--- 10:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Chance High Test In Search Paradise of Bachelors
Meic Stevens Walter's Song Rains in the Leaves: The EPs, Vol. 1 Sunbeam
* Nicole Mitchell Egoes War Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds FPE
Lazy Magnet Side A (excerpt) Pure Psychic Zero self-released
Isabelle Gunn Esteticateria Discographia 82-87 Grovl Tapes
* Gunnar Haslam Second Version Kalaatsakia THE BUNKER NEW YORK
Charalambides Dormant Love A Vintage Burden Kranky
* Saint Abdullah The Crown on Our Heads The Soundsof Evil BOOMARM NATION
* Shabazz Palaces Since G.A.Y.A. Quazarz: Born on A Gangster Star SUB POP
END OF SHOW: dainty morsels SIGNED OFF at 10:57 AM (7/16/17)