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START OF SHOW: DJ BEViS SIGNED ON at 7:01 PM (8/28/17)
Swans Fan Letter Drainland Young God
The Dismemberment Plan Academy Award The Dismemberment Plan is Terrified deSoto
Die Kreuzen shine CEMENT Touch and Go Records
Crush the Junta Sunset The Disappeared Carbon Records
Bastard Noise Track 5 RRRevenge RRR
Liturgy Harmonia Aesthetica Thrill Jockey
Babils Dent De Sagesse The Joint Between Still
Baroness Back Where I Belong Yellow & Green Relapse
The Blanks Losing my Brain > Void > No One Cares Tanked and Pogoes Radical Records
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Liars Pillars were Hollow and filled with candy so we tore them down fins to make us more fish-like Mute
Crown Larks Overgrown Blood Dancer Space Lung
Lightning bolt Side A Ride The Skies Load Records
Immolation Atonement Atonement Nuclear Blast
Bastard Noise Brotherhood - Execution Style the Analysis of Self Destruction Alien8 Recordings
END OF SHOW: DJ BEViS SIGNED OFF at 9:01 PM (8/28/17)