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START OF SHOW: Night side SIGNED ON at 2:56 AM (12/4/17)
--- 3:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Terekke Need U Plant Age L.I.E.S.
* Pauline Anna Strom Warriors of the Sun Trans-Millenia Music RVNG INTL.
The Field Burned Out Looping State of Mind Kompakt
Joe Hiroshige Younapi Jojo Utech
Jeff Rehnlund Gregory Smoke From the Mirror Hot Releases
Throat Roman Inn Short Circuit Reptilian Records
* Ostraca The Orchard last SKELETAL LIGHTNING
Nagelfar Seelenland Hunengrab Im Herbst Kettenhund Records
Leviathan He Whom Shadows Move Towards The Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide Moribund Records
* Earthly Rainway NC Heart BREAK WORLD RECORDS
* Nazoranai Part 1 Beginning to Fall in Line Before Me, So Decorously, the Nature of all that music Transformed W.25th
Mohammad Sakrifis Som Sakrifis PAN
* CUBE Habit Hot Releases 9th Anniversary HOT RELEASES
Sturle Dagsland Wardenclyffe Aquarium S/T (self-released)
Alan Licht & Aki Onda Chit Chat Everydays Family Vineyard
--- 4:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Rutsubo Infinite Loopholes Zakuro Omnimemento
Superstorms Part 5 S/T Experimedia
Somei Satoh Litania (Margaret Leng Tan) Litania New Albion
Thomas Koner Part 3 Novaya Zemlya Touch
Hisko Detria Poserslave Static Raw Power Kraut Hisko
* Andrea Belfi ISO Ore FLOAT
Varathron Lustful Father His Majesty at the Swamp Pagan Records
* FP-Oner Arigatou 7 Mule Musiq
Lazy Magnet Untitled 4 Pure Psychic Zero (self-released)
* The Caretaker Internal Bewildered World Everywhere at the End of Time HISTORY ALWAYS FAVORS THE WINNERS
* Spa Moans Wet Goddess Obedient Vibrations Drop Medium
Qasim Naqvi Behind Stars Preamble NNA Tapes
* Spectral Voice Thresholds Beyond Eroded Corridors of Unbeing DARK DESCENT
--- 5:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
John Lacey / COUM Transmissions A Side Music for Stocking Top, Swing and Staircase Other Minds
* Radiator Greys Universal Receiver Life in the Blast Radius Devine
Omar S Tgiomde Side Trakx volume 4 FXHE
Doom Asylum B3 Stress Techno Hot Releases
* Birdy Earns Final Celebration Out of the Picture PHINERY
Shivers Otomo S/T Miasmah
Ihor Cymbrows'kyj Bilya Morya Come Angel Koka Records
Anne Guthrie Annie Laurie II Perhaps a Favorable Organic Moment CFYR
* Dracula Te Exaltare / Las Diez Virgenes (de Iglesia) Songs of Love & Melancholy (self-released)
Chris Watson Winter In St Cuthbert's Time Touch
* Florist Understanding Light If Blue Could Be Happiness DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY
Pat Murano & Tom Carter Phlegethon Four Infernal Rivers MIE
* Bookworms & Steve Summers STE-101 s/t BANK
* Primitive Man Tepid Caustic RELAPSE
END OF SHOW: Night side SIGNED OFF at 5:56 AM (12/4/17)