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START OF SHOW: josh quirk SIGNED ON at 2:01 PM (12/6/17)
john fahey hitomi hitomi livhouse records (2000)
* The Caretaker burning despair does ache Everywhere at the End of Time HISTORY ALWAYS FAVORS THE WINNERS
james cleveland just like he said he would the very best of hrb music co (1977)
* Nazoranai side b (excerpt) Beginning to Fall in Line Before Me, So Decorously, the Nature of all that music Transformed W.25th
supernatural buddah blessed it 12" eastwest (1995)
kendrick lamar duckworth DAMN. top dawg (2017)
* E-Saggila bronze eyelids (excerpt) Tools of My Purpose BANK
* Yves Tumor love is the law Experiencing the Deposit of Faith (self-released)
U.S. saucer consuela (excerpt) 7" amarillo (1994)
godz 1+1 = ? contact high with the godz esp disk (1966)
merle haggard if we make it through december anthology razor & tie (1995, 1973)
uriah heep the magician's birthday the magician's birthday bronze (1972)
* Kamasi Washington perspective Harmony of Difference BRAINFEEDER
helene smith true love don't grow on trees VA - eccentric soul: the outskirts of deep city numero group (2008, 1967)
* Rempis Percussion Quartet enzymes (excerpt) Cochonnerie AEROPHONIC
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
rhythm & sound queen version the versions basic channel/asphodel (2004)
* Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar, Shabaka Hutchings Calling the LOAs A.R.E. Project TECHNICOLOUR
the replacements unsatisfied let it be twin tone (1984)
* Brandon Seabrook's Needle Driver ocular rabies s/t Nefarious Industries
usa is a monster we're surely spliffin' masonic chronic ep infrasound (2002)
flat duo jets michelle white trees sky (1993)
future islands pretty riffy little advances self released (2006)
* Protoculture dual colony Horrendous New Wave LUMPY RECORDS
fusioon ya se van los pastores absolute fusioon B-Music/Finder's Keepers 2011)
* Patricia speed wagon night bride Several Shades of the Same Color GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL
sosumu yokota love bird grinning cat (leaf/skintone (2001)
eric dolphy out there out there prestige / new jazz (1961)
* Armand Hammer it was written ROME BACKWOODZ STUDIOZ
quakers rock my soul feat prince po quakers stones throw (2012)
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Colleen another world A Flame My Love, a Frequency THRILL JOCKEY
gate prophet golden IMD (1995)
* Laura Baird Pretty Saro I Wish I Were A Sparrow BA DA BING!
steve key the lure of the bright lights between trains to the future (1988)
* Saz'iso Kaba me klarinete At Least Wave Your Handkerchief at Me: The Joys and Sorrows of Southern Albanian Song GLITTERBEAT
gastr del sol eye street the serpentine similar teen beat (1993)
the flower-corsano duo another? i couldn't possibly the chocolate cities self released (2009)
* Greg Fox OPB The Gradual Progression RVNG INTL.
squarepusher do you know squarepusher do you know squarepusher warp (2002)
* Bookworms & Steve Summers b side s/t BANK
* Jamila Woods blk girl soldier HEAVN JAGJAGUWAR
stetsasonic talkin' all that jazz in full gear tommy boy (1988)
earth the bees made honey in the lion's skull the bees made honey in the lion's skull southern lord
END OF SHOW: josh quirk SIGNED OFF at 4:56 PM (12/6/17)