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START OF SHOW: fun :) SIGNED ON at 12:02 AM (1/8/18)
Ann Steel My Time s/t Durium
Coaltar of the Deepers dl++[delatetei] (Sadesper Record Mix) Submerge ZK Records
Tentenko Good Bye, Good Girl (Remix) Good Bye, Good Girl TenTen Records
Andrew Chalk On Any Day Ghosts Of Nakhodka Faraway Press
Lussuria God in their Mouths Various Auras: A Bird's-Eye View Into a Machiavellian World of Secrecy Hospital Productions
Mio Fou Umi wa Haru TRA-5 New Artist Catalogue 1984 TRA
Earn She Could Only Remember Down the Well Monorail Trespassing
Miki Nakatani Chronic Love (Remix Version) Shiseikatsu WEA JPN
Keiichiro Shibuya (w/ Hatsune Miku) Aria for Time and Space The End ATAK
Windaria Orchestra Druid's Theme Windaria Soundtrack JVC
Kevin Drumm Turning Point Sheer Hellish Miasma MEGO
Svitlana Nianio Ostrozni Kytytsi Koka Records
* HACO Tidal Qoosiu ROOM40
ASOLAAR Random Violence Interceptor Kvitnu
* Aether Jag Black Flamingo Amaranthine Stretch (self-released)
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* Ueno Takashi 2 Smoke Under the Water ROOM40
Soutaisei Riron Cindarella Synchronicteen Mirai Records
* Patricia Feel Your Body Several Shades of the Same Color GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL
Robbie M I'm So In Love With You Let's Groove People's Potential Unlimited
Secret Attraction Maximum feat. Rollergirl Melt (self-released)
Virusse Pretty Gnashing Teeth Running from Fate Wicked City
* Alexandra Atnif Said Destroy Rhythmic Brutalism Vol 1 EM
Jazzkammer / Howard Stelzer Track 1 Tomorrow No One Will Be Safe PACrec/Troniks
* Bjork Utopia Utopia ONE LITTLE INDIAN
Stars of the Lid Don't Bother They're Here And their Refinement of the Decline Kranky
* Spirit Fest Rain Rain s/t ALIEN TRANSISTOR
* Krallice The Forest for which We Have Killed Go Be Forgotten GILEAD MEDIA
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* Lolito Full Album Pennsylvania Hunger More
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END OF SHOW: fun :) SIGNED OFF at 2:07 AM (1/8/18)