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START OF SHOW: $$$ SIGNED ON at 12:05 AM (1/9/18)
Pole Schoner Land Steingarten ~scape
* Aether Jag Pale Ichor Amaranthine Stretch (self-released)
Soichi Terada Purple Haze (Hunee Edit) Sounds from the Far East Rush Hour
Fluxion Every Other Day Broadwalk Tales Echochord
Dominik Eulberg B2 Chiroptera Traum
Muslimgauze Benazir Bhutto's Hands Are Clean Jaal Ab Dullah Soleilmoon Recordings
* Lolito Track 7 Pennsylvania Hunger More
* Pauline Anna Strom Gossamer Silk Trans-Millenia Music RVNG INTL.
Stockhausen Canon for 4 - Homage to William, Elliott Carter w/ The California Ear Unit New Albion
* Terekke Swim Plant Age L.I.E.S.
* Matthew Revert Answers Questions Being Small KYE
Jacob Kirkegaard Arc II Arc Holotype Editions
* HACO Seiren Qoosiu ROOM40
Derek Rogers Alone in Isolation Silence is Being Substituted Glistening Examples
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Bluetile Lounge Wriding Lowercase Summershine
Arvo Part Solfeggio De Profundis Harmonia Mundi
* Circuit Des Yeux Philo Reaching For Indigo DRAG CITY
Depressive Silence Atmosphere Demo II (self-released)
Takahiro Mukai A4 #9015 Sand Container Paralaxe Editions
* Eyvind Kang Plainlight Plainlight ABDUCTION
* Spirit Fest River River s/t ALIEN TRANSISTOR
* Shredded Nerve Mord Cosm Entransia Trojan Self Image CHONDRITIC SOUND
* Spectral Voice Thresholds Beyond Eroded Corridors of Unbeing DARK DESCENT
Tetragrammacide Imperial Cyanide Voltigeurs (Hatta-Yogic Quantum Leapers Of Threshold Sorcery) Primal Incenerators of Moral Matrix Iron Bonehead Productions
Orchid In G and E Chaos Is Me Ebullition Records
Shinichi Atobe The Red Line Ship-Scope Chain Reaction
--- 2:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Porter Ricks Full Album Biokinetics Type
END OF SHOW: $$$ SIGNED OFF at 2:09 AM (1/9/18)