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START OF SHOW: dj ben SIGNED ON at 12:00 PM (2/12/18)
--- 12:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Hamid El Shaeri Ayonha Habibi Funk 007: An eclectic selection of music form the Arab world HABIBI FUNK
Leon Thomas Bag's groove The Leon Thomas Album Flying Dutchman
Shannon Wright captain of quarantine Wish You Well / Captain of Quarantine 7" Put it on a cracker
Dianogah seeing stars As seen from above Ohio Gold Records
* Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh Iron Paradise Lunar Cruise WRWTFWW
Oliver Nelson Skull Session Skull Session Flying Dutchman
Whitey On the Moon UK Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002 The Noam Chomsky Spring Break EP Isota Records
* Renata Zeiguer Bug Old Ghost NORTHERN-SPY
Off World Wonder Farm 1 Constellation
* Don't DJ "8,910" and "9,10,11" "8,9,10" and "9,10,11" from Gung Ho, 1,2,3D EM
Pens Freddy Hey Friend, What You Doing? De Stijl
Modill Nightly Vacant Rhymes EV Records
* J.S. Bach / Johnny Gandelsman Sonata No.1in G minor BWV 1001 (Presto) Sonatas and Partitas for Violin IN A CIRCLE
Panda Bear Comfy in Nautica Person Pitch Paw Tracks
Gal Costa Lost in the Paradise s/t Mercury
--- 1:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Naomi Punk My Shadow Yellow CAPTURED TRACKS
Hop Flop Fly It's Not Over I fell in / don't let me down 7" flytone records
Cub New York City come out come out Mint Records
* Ueno Takashi 6 Smoke Under the Water ROOM40
* Des Demonas Say You Tried s/t IN THE RED
Stars of the Lid Humectez La Mouture And their Refinement of the Decline Kranky
* Profligate a circle of Somehwere Else WHARF CAT
Shakeyface Helpless Puddle Jumping During a Monsoon Quartermass
* Embarker How are you? Third Gemini SEND HELP
Built To Spill Hazy Ultimate Alternative Wavers C/Z Records
Penguin Cafe Orchestra steady state s/t Editions EG
Johnny Griffin You Must Believe in Spring Chicago, New York, Paris Verve
END OF SHOW: dj ben SIGNED OFF at 1:57 PM (2/12/18)