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START OF SHOW: wsh SIGNED ON at 6:53 PM (2/17/18)
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Electronic Art Ensemble Three Bursts Set Out Inquietude Gramavision
Beer Damage Hobo On The Face Of Music Hobo On The Face Of Music Our Mouth Records
Fishwife Silence Heavy Water Pop Nihil
Empty Quarter Incompressible Megalosaurians Bustin Out 1984: New Wave to New Beat Vol 4 Year Zero
Colbets Moon Floating in the Sky Particule Arises Basses Frequencies
Microstoria Endless Summer NAMM Snd Thrill Jockey
R-Zone A2 R-Zone 16 R-Zone
Lawrence B2 Lawrence 12" Dial
Bodega System Silverscreens (Chants) Game of Humans EP self-released
Robert Beatty Escape Spirit Videoslime Soundtracks For Takeshi Murata Glistening Examples
Vanessa Rossetto This is a Recorder Whole Stories Kye
Midori Takada Catastrophe Sigma Through the Looking Glass Palto Flats/WRWTFWW
* M.E.S.H. Blured Cicada II Hesaitix PAN
Dos Tracks B3 :) Rather Interesting
Dit + Uta Science Fiction Park BRD Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik (German Home Recording Tape Music of the 1980s) Cache
Tobin Sprout Cryptic Shapes I Stayed up all Night Listening to Records Comp. Anyway Records
Doom Asylum B3 Stress Techno 12" Hot Releases
* Profligate Enlist Somehwere Else WHARF CAT
* Nene Hatun A2 Metacommunication BEDOUIN
* Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh Monody Lunar Cruise WRWTFWW
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Hazard Debugged Star Switch On: Recordings of Organized Sound Touch
ADA / Steve Noble Part 2 Live @ Cafe OTO 2012 self-released
* Sakai Ishinage Odori Preservation Society Yose Daiko Sakai Ishinage Odori EM
Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall She Denied the Grass Getting Heavier A Map of Guilt Bocian
Stone Pillow Beautiful Spleencoffin Presents: Ladys In Noyz Spleencoffin
Doldrums On the Green Acupuncture Kranky
Chiemi Eri Itsuki-No Komoriuta s/t Akuphone
* Kazuhiko Yamahira & The Sherman Sotto Futari De Even A Tree can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk and Rock 1969-1973 LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
Dean de Benedictis Just Outside of Black Rock City Soundscape Gallery Vol 3 Lektronic Soundscapes
* Nadah El Shazley Afqid Adh-dhakira (I lose memory) Ahwar NAWA
Holiday Flyer When Will I Ever Learn? Fresh Sounds from Around the Corner and Around the Globe Darla
* Renata Zeiguer Wayside Old Ghost NORTHERN-SPY
Windy & Carl Crazy in the Sun A Rocket Girl Compilation Rocket Girl
* Mammoth Grinder Molotov Cosmic Crypt RELAPSE
Michael Musillami Trio +3 Splayed Fingers From Seeds Playscape Recordings
END OF SHOW: wsh SIGNED OFF at 8:59 PM (2/17/18)