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START OF SHOW: litterbug SIGNED ON at 10:03 PM (4/15/18)
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Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Warner Bros.
* Emerson Kitamura Rock Your Baby the Countryside is Great EM
* Anna Burch In Your Dreams Quit the Curse POLYVINYL
* Jason Wietlispach Sketch for 24 Bass Clarinets Oak Creek Recordings SOULTRANE
Leech Untitled We pass like night from land to land (split w/ Thou) Vendetta
* Charlotte Day Wilson Doubt Stone Woman (self-released)
* Amen Dunes satudarah Freedom SACRED BONES
zoroaster mons venus zoroaster Kreation
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Boris Heavy Rain Noise Sargent House
* Brigid Mae Power I'm Grateful The Two Worlds TOMPKINS SQUARE
* Glaare First Rain To Deaf and Day DUNE ALTAR
Electric Wizard Satyr IX Black Masses Metal Blade Records
* Mount Eerie Distortion Now Only P.W. ELVERUM AND SUN
Burning Witch Sacred Predictions crippled lucifer Southern Lord
Bon Iver Blood bank @ 33 rpm Blood Bank ep Jagjaguwar
The Body even the saints know their hour of failure and loss all the waters of the earth turn to blood At a Loss
* Palm Dog Milk Rock Island CARPARK
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END OF SHOW: litterbug SIGNED OFF at 11:59 PM (4/15/18)