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START OF SHOW: DJane SIGNED ON at 3:00 AM (6/10/18)
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The Threads of Grass Sunflower Constellation Seeds Sun Tunnels
Ancient Oceans Beargrass Creek Blood Moon
* Pollution Project A New Dawn? s/t ACTIV-ANALOG
John Thill A1-->A2
The XX Angels
* Art Zoyd noces accidentelles 44 1/2 at a Glance CUNEIFORM
* Sunny War Violent With the Sun HEN HOUSE
* Matthew Shipp Quartet First Step Sonic Fiction ESP
Cocteau Twins Cherry Coloured Funk Heaven or Las Vegas
Divine Horsemen That's No Way To Live Snake Handler
L.A. Express Transylvania Choo-Choo Caribou Records
* Mouse On Mars Dimensional People Part III Dimensional People THRILL JOCKEY
B. Fleischmann Composure The Humbucking Coil
* Aksak Maboul True Ture Un peu de l'âme des bandits CRAMMED DISCS
The Orb Beatitude Okie Dokie It's The Orb
* Mind Over Mirrors Halfway to the Zenith Bellowing Sun PARADISE OF BACHELORS
* Trippers & Askers On the Unwavering Night Cap (self-released)
Don Lennon He Created A Monster Routine
* Chris Weisman Open Up the Ground Below Chaos Isnt Single FEEDING TUBE
Clockwork Running Searching B.O.A.T.S.
* James Booth Internalize Silk to Dry the Tears 100% SILK
* Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis Desire Invisible Cities KARLRECORDS
Sylvian Chauveau Fly Like a Horse Nuage Type
* Grouper Breathing Grid of Points KRANKY
Yeasayer Sunrise All Hour Cymbals
Brannten Schnure Der Seegeist
* Christina Vantzou Remote Polyphony n4 KRANKY
* Donald Nally and the Crossing Questions for a Disincorporation/Atlantis If There Were Water INNOVA
Carole King It's Too Late
END OF SHOW: DJane SIGNED OFF at 6:02 AM (6/10/18)