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START OF SHOW: DJ River Rat SIGNED ON at 9:58 AM (10/9/18)
--- 10:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
The Sadies Creepy Butler Tremendous Efforts
Devendra Barnhart Shabop Shalom Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon XL Recordings
Devendra Barnhart Tonada Yanomaminista Smokey Rolls Down thunder Canyon XL Recordings
Astralwerks Side A He's a Skull
* Y Pants Favorite Sweater --> Magnetic Attraction Beat It Down WATER WING
Dolly Parton Rocky Top Live and Well
Land of the Loops Mathematical Park Refried Treats
* Charlotte Day Wilson Doubt Stone Woman (self-released)
ATM (H) YEAH Inglewood Tapes vol.1 Radical Documents
Timmy Bumpa Catch A Fire Lif Up Yah Leg An Trample
* Omar S Tap Dat Ass Tap Dat Ass FXHE
Studio OST C1 Scenes 2012-2015
--- 11:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Innyster Like Tiny Insects Comp. 1 CARPET GROUP RECORDINGS
rumah sakit hello friend, this is my end...the beginning obscured by clowns
Dolly Parton Rocky Top Live and Well
Blood Orange Orlando --> Saint Negro swan
The Nude Party (L) Feels Alright New West Records
Jay Haze and Michael Ho Sub version ft. Paul St. Hilaire Box of Dub
* Brownout Bring the Noise Fear Of A Brown Planet FAT BEATS
Chris Stamey (S) Greensboro Days
Omar S Heard Chew Single (feat. John FM) The Best FXHE
Octo Octa His Kiss Between Two Selves
END OF SHOW: DJ River Rat SIGNED OFF at 12:01 PM (10/9/18)