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START OF SHOW: Dj DrCptChef SIGNED ON at 5:57 AM (11/5/18)
Washed Out Burn Out Blues I never get a break Mister Mellow
--- 6:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Celia Cruz La Guagua Edicion Limitada Universal
* Issam Rafea & Gao Hong Up and Down Life As Is INNOVA
Koes Bersaudara The Land of Evergreen To the so called Sublime Frequencies
Belle & Sebastian Act of the Apostle II The Life Pursuit Matador
* Floor Model Return Service Requested Sympathy as Camouflage NEW BODY TAPES
Kool Keith The Orchestrators Diesel Truckers Funky Ass Records
(H) Aether Jag Neptune's Grotto The Universal Veil Hot Releases
Clorox Girls Telephone J'amie Les Filles BYO Records
(L) Low Always Trying to Work it Out Doubkle Negative Sub Pop
Leonard Cohen The Future The Future Sony Music
Junior Kimbrough and the Soul Blues Boys Nobody but you Baby Do The Rump! High Water Recording Company
Alvin Youngblood Hart Sallie, Queen of the Pines Territory Hannibal Records
* Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids Sunset An Angel Fell STRUT
--- 7:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Modest Mouse Heart Cooks Brain The Lonesome Crowded West Up Records
* Corpa Zen Lifestyle of... Cancer Pool Korea Undok Group
Deerhoof Spiral Golden Town Green Cosmos EP Menlo Park
* Grim Volcano Flower Primary Pulse TRAPDOOR TAPES
Django Reinhardt & the Hot Club of France Quintet Don't Worry About Me Parisian Swing Crecendo
Django Reinhardt & the Hot Club of France Quintet I've Had My Moments Parisian Swing Crescendo
* Mark Renner Keep Falling In Love Riverside RVNG INTL.
Kind of Like Spitting Blue Period Nothing Makes Sense Without It New American Dream
The Microphones Tonight There'll be Clouds Don't Wake Me Up Knw-Yr-Own Records
Buddy Guy Please don't Drive me Away Slippin' In silvertone records
* Carl Stone Mae Yao Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties UNSEEN WORLDS
Sparklehorse Almost Lost My Mind Chords I've Known Capitol Records
END OF SHOW: Dj DrCptChef SIGNED OFF at 7:59 AM (11/5/18)