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START OF SHOW: Ian S SIGNED ON at 2:20 PM (12/3/18)
* Lena Platonos Aporia Maturna Lepidoptera DARK ENTRIES
Julia Holter Turn the Light On Aviary Domino
Hander Som Vardar (H) Sexual Anhedonia -- SOTSR...Eternal Youth is Possible Anhedonia Throne Heap Devotional Music
Mario Diaz de Leon The Flesh Needs Fire Enter Houses Of Tzadik
* Public Practice Foundation Distance is a Mirror WHARF CAT
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Pauline Oliveros Time Perspectives Early Electronic Works 1959-1966 SUB ROSA
Nadja Affective Fields Desire in Uneasiness Broken Spine Productions
* Sarah Davachi Gloaming Let Night Come On Bells End The Day RECITAL
* 7FO A1-->A3 Ryu No Nukegara EM
Vilkacis Into the Night's Grip Turia/Vilkacis Split Self-Released
* Tim Hecker In Mother Earth Phase Konoyo KRANKY
Tchornobog II: Hallucinatory Black Breath Tchornobog Self-Released
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Michael Beharie and Teddy Rankin-Parker so much trash-->paper tiger A Heart from Your Shadow Mondoj
Black to Comm Forst Alphabet 1968 Type Records
* M. Geddes Gengras Nave Light Pipe ROOM40
* Kuniyuki Takahashi Your Home Early Tape Works (1986-1993) MUSIC FROM MEMORY
Gigi Masin Swallow's Tempest Wind The Bear on the Moon Records
* Jerusalem In My Heart Layali Al-Rast Daqa'iq Tudaiq CONSTELLATION
* Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble Days (early version) Ceremony of Dreams: Studio Sessions/Outtakes 72-77 TOMPKINS SQUARE
* Grim Volcano Flower Primary Pulse TRAPDOOR TAPES
--- 5:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
END OF SHOW: Ian S SIGNED OFF at 5:06 PM (12/3/18)