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START OF SHOW: dvd SIGNED ON at 12:06 AM (12/7/18)
m. ashraf feat. nahid akhtar Good News For You The Sound of Wonder!
King Tubby Keep on Jamming King Tubby meets rockers uptown
Visible Cloaks Mask Reassemblage
Lightening Rhizomes Tegretol #1
Whodini Magic's Wand
Geno Jordan Peachtree Freak PPU
Jimmy Spicer The Bubble Bunch
Lafleur Savoir Patiner Lafluer!
* Michael Beharie and Teddy Rankin-Parker so much trash A Heart from Your Shadow Mondoj
* Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble Sleezy Sue (Love Duet 1 from Cleopatra) Ceremony of Dreams: Studio Sessions/Outtakes 72-77 TOMPKINS SQUARE
Abdel Karim el Kably El Jamil el Fik
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Cath & Phil Tyler Wild Stormy Deep
Woven Tide Pools of Rust From the Mouth of the Sun experimedia
Allan Bridge Track 32 The Apology Line: Uncut Gems from Year Zero (1980-1981)
Pijpstelling Wurdskrieme unkrud
* William Basinski & Lawrence English Mono No Aware Selva Oscura TEMPORARY RESIDENCE
Miaux Ghost Dive Ultra Eczema
Grouper Disengaged Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
* Nico These Days Chelsea Girl
Broadcast Winter Now Haha Sound
* Graham Van Pelt Out of this world Time Travel ARBUTUS
Tape Beatles I Can't Do It Music with Sound
Gary Wilson 6.4 = MAKE OUT You Think You Really Know Me
Peaking Lights tiger Eyes 936
Yoshi Wada Off the Wall 1 Off the Wall
--- 2:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
The Antlers Kettering Hospice
Beauty Bagaboo Silica Gel Scattered and Smothered Wifflefist
A Winged Victory For The Sullen Track 1 Atmos Kranky
Terrors God Bless the child (take 3)
alt-j Pleader Relaxer
Charanjit Singh Raga Kalavati Ten Ragas
Geraldine Hunt Can't Fake The Feeling
Brooklyn Express Sixty-Nine (Tee Scott Mix)
END OF SHOW: dvd SIGNED OFF at 3:01 AM (12/7/18)