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START OF SHOW: ry ma r SIGNED ON at 3:08 PM (12/7/18)
Francois Bayle Crepuscule Electrucs ! Transversales
John Holland Spire (excerpt) Music From A Small Planet American Sound Recordings Boston
Asnakech Worku Jinyew s/t Awesome Tapes From Africa
The Twinkle Brothers Road To Damascus Dub Massacre 2 Twinkle Music
Klaus Weiss Survivor Unusual Sounds Anthology Recordings
Guruh Gypsy Geger Gelgel s/t
Mkwaju Ensemble Tira-Rin Mkwaju Better Days
* 7FO Ryu No Nukegara (excerpt) Ryu No Nukegara EM
Fyoelk Jacky / Schmetto / Blex Trampolin Erode Releases
* Solid Space Tenth Planet Space Museum DARK ENTRIES
Gay Cat Park A Piece of Bit Synthetic Woman (bonus demo tracks) Crash Symbols
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Wilted Woman Muckenspree Trapezoid Tappers Plastic Bags
Keith Emerson Murderock Murderock OST Chord Records
Yukihiro Takahashi Connection Neuromantic Alfa
Umo Vogue Just My Love (extended demo) Just My Love
Circuitry featuring Electro Wayne Freak Freak 12" People's Potential Unlimited
Dopplereffekt Hayflick Limit Athanatos Leisure System
Speaking Parts Thin Air Threads No-Tech
* Pod Blotz Returned Human Source Light Mass Body Difficult Interactions
Die Form Heart of the Monster Some Experiences With Shock Metropolis
* Lena Platonos Cyaniris Lepidoptera DARK ENTRIES
Exael Glass In Plastic (with Arad Acid) Collex West Mineral
Glochids Net (Orgel) Ni Fila Ascetic House
--- 5:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Dream Carpets Snorlax Interior Fountains Mood Hut
Shredded Nerve Broken Pieces Held Together Final Vision New Forces
* Pauline Oliveros Time Perspectives (excerpt) Early Electronic Works 1959-1966 SUB ROSA
* Ingus Bauskenieks Jelgava Spoki STROOM
Randomize La Armonia de las Esferas Como Se Divertiran Los Insectos? Grabaciones Accidentales
S-Ink Monument Organisation Orange 2 S.J. Organisation
Cyrnai The Day Inside Charred Blossoms (bonus tracks) Dark Entries
Palberta Fake-Out Roach Goin' Down Wharf Cat Records
Desert Secretary Evergreen Ache s/t self-released cassette
Lauren Tosswill Shape Note My Home in the Year Enmossed
* Specter Not New To This Built to Last SOUND SIGNATURE
* Cienfuegos El Ultimo Circulo Fallen Angel Black Tattoo Dead Gods
* Scud & Nomex Total Destruction (Dub Ver.) Maschinenbau EP Praxis
END OF SHOW: ry ma r SIGNED OFF at 6:00 PM (12/7/18)
END OF SHOW: ry ma r SIGNED OFF at 6:00 PM (12/7/18)