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START OF SHOW: DJ SIGNED ON at 9:01 AM (1/11/19)
--- 9:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
DJ Paradise Ssuomo bblisss bblisss
Chris Watson La Anunciante El Tren Fantasma Touch
* Daniel Avery Citizen // Nowhere Song for Alpha Phantay Sound
* Jerusalem In My Heart Bein Ithnein Daqa'iq Tudaiq CONSTELLATION
Carla Bozulich Prince of the World Evangelista Constellation
* Svitlana Nianio W Koronie Przejrzystyck Chmur Kytytsi Koka Records
Michele Mercure Time Piece Beside Herself RVNG Intl.
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom How Much Better If Plymouth Rock Had Landed on the Pilgrims J. Jasmine: My New Music Unseen Worlds
Belong October Language October Language Carpark
* Nanda Rossi Livre Pra Voar Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-1994) SOUNDWAY
Airto Moreira Pirana Fingers CTI
--- 10:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
I Roy Bubblin Jug Dub "Set The Captives Free" 7-inch Deeper Knowledge
Yellowman Natty Sat Upon A Rock Duppy or Gunman VP Records
The Bug feat. Daddy Freddy Run The Place Red Pressure Rephlex
Lingua Franca Broken Bi-Psyche EP-4 WRWTFWW
* Grim Volcano Flower Primary Pulse TRAPDOOR TAPES
* Alan Braufman Ark of Salvation Valley of Search Valley of Search
Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble Inner Peace Drumdance to the Motherland Eremite
* Miss Information Manhunter Sequence PIONEER WORKS
Battle Trance Palace of Wind II Palace of Wind NNA Tapes
* Moulay Ahmed El Hassani Ya Li Hjami Atlas Electric HIVE MIND
--- 11:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Nazar Airstrike ft. Shannen SP Enclave HYPERDUB
Thomas Leer Private Plane 7" Up! Singles Only! 1978-1982 Crippled Dick's Hot Wax
Towlie B2 No Posers! (2) WT Records
Tangerine Dream Logos (Part I) Logos - Live at the Dominion - London Virgin
* 7FO Hou (33 rpm) Ryu No Nukegara EM
Drunk Elk Atmospheric Spies Oceanus Procellarum Wormwood Grasshopper Records
Maria Kozic and the MK Sound Trust Me Midnite Spares Efficient Space
* Me Raabenstein Language is a Spy Karl Marx's 200th! KARLRECORDS
M.E.S.H. Exasthrus (Pane) Mono No Aware PAN
* Arkm Foam Doughy Owl Bloodroot Spitball FEEDING TUBE
Richard Youngs Goodbye Oslo Rose Summer Through My Mind Ba Da Bing!
Michael Hurley The Time Is Right Ida Con Snock Gnomonsong
Willie Lane Philly Arbiter/ Almost Known Known Quantity Feeding Tube Records
* Tim Hecker Is a Rose Petal of the Dying Crimson Light Konoyo KRANKY
--- 12:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
END OF SHOW: DJ SIGNED OFF at 12:08 PM (1/11/19)