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START OF SHOW: wsh SIGNED ON at 5:58 PM (1/12/19)
--- 6:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Marianne Nowottny Side B Dark Souls Need Light Feeding Tube
Necronomidol Skulls in the Stars Nemesis Specific Recordings
* Corpa Zen Lifestyle of... Cancer Pool Korea Undok Group
* R.A.N. Seb-I-Yelda Seb-i-Yelda KARLRECORDS
Cleaners From Venus Only a Shadow Midnight Cleaners Captured Tracks
XINLISUPREME Seaside Voice Guitar I Am Not Shinzo Abe self-released
* Grim Volcano Flower Primary Pulse TRAPDOOR TAPES
* Yves Tumor Noid Safe In The Hands Of Love WARP
James Ferraro Skid Row Skid Row Break World Records
Rabit 11_Aaliyah_Dilemma Bricks in a Drought Halcyon Veil
* Cienfuegos Bomba Fallen Angel Black Tattoo Dead Gods
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Yellow Swans Sandwall Drowner Yellow Swans Tape Room
Nihilist Assault Group + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Side B (Excerpt) Planned Obsolescence Gnarled Forest
Duster Four Hours Apex, Trance-Like Smooth Lips Records
* Eric Copeland Fresco Trogg Modal vol. I DFA
* Zodiac ft Denyse Plummer I Believe (Waxist Edit) Tropical Tricks Cree Records
Clark Naito Kizaki Ondo (2018) Kizaki Ondo EM
White Noise The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell An Electric Storm Island
Marie Davidson Workaholic Paranoid Bitch Working Class Woman Ninja Tune
Tu M' Glamour Tu M' and The Magical Mystery Orchestra Aesova
* Janek Schafer Tree at the End of the World What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing TEMPORARY RESIDENCE
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Teaadora The Only One Virgin Forever Hot Releases
Naffi Sandwich More Like Beans Hoochie Pooch/Space Alligator: Freddie Viaduct EM
Haves & Thirds Creepshow It's Mostly Guesswork / It'll Clean You Out, But It'll Leave You Hollow Inside Hot Releases
* R.T.C. Slightly Damp in a Misty Street Kale Plankieren - Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981 - 1987 Vol.2 Knekelhuis
Hander Som Vardar Sexual Anhedonia Anhedonia Throne Heap Devotional Music
Nagamatzu Operator Dead, Post Abandoned Shatter Days Dark Entries
Elysia Crampton After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa) Demon City Amoeba
* Deadboy Wish U Were Here Here Numbers
El Guincho FM Tan Sexy Pop Negro Young Turks
Prefuse 73 Uprock and Invigorate One Word Extinguisher Warp
DJ Healer Depression House Lostsongs Vol. 2 self-released
* Overmono Quadraluv Whities 019 self-released
END OF SHOW: wsh SIGNED OFF at 9:01 PM (1/12/19)