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START OF SHOW: Montys What the Huh SIGNED ON at 9:03 PM (8/9/17)
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Funkadelic Good to Your Earhole Let's Take It To the Stage Westbound (1975)
* Kondi Band Thogolbeu (LV Remix) Salone STRUT
Lone Ranger Barnabas Collins V/A - Reggae Greats DJs Mango (1984; track og 1977)
* Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa Zaab Are Euphoria THRILL JOCKEY
Super Djata Band de Bamako Yacouba Vol. 2 Kindred Spirits (2013; og 1983)
* Kensuke Ide Otemoyan Isan Otemoyan Isan 12" EM
70's Thai Orchestra A1 70's Thai Orchestra Mississippi Records (2008)
* Hempress Sativa Skin Teeth Unconquerebel Conquering Lion Records
Tenor Saw and Buju Banton Ring the Alarm Quick V/A - 400% Dynamite Soul Jazz (2001)
* Forest Swords Exalter Compassion NINJA TUNE
Bo Hansson Attic Thoughts Attic Thoughts Famous Charisma (1976)
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* The Dreamers Mong Ve Que Saigon Supersound Vol. 1 INFRACOM
Harumi Samurai Memories Harumi Klimt (og 1968)
* Those Who Walk Away Third Degraded Hymn The Infected Mass CONSTELLATION
Dinosaur L Go Bang! (Walter Gibbons mix) Arthur Russell - The Sleeping Bag Sessions Traffic (2009)
* Robert Hood Pneuma Paradygm Shift Dekmantel
Flying Lotus Zodiac Shit Cosmogramma Warp (2010)
* Rahim AlHaj Letter 2. Forbidden Attraction - Tiama Letters from Iraq: Oud and String Quartet SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS
* "Om" Alec Khaoli Say You Love Me Say You Love Me AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing Midnight Love Columbia (1982)
* Saint Abdullah The Battle for Karbala The Soundsof Evil BOOMARM NATION
* Andomeda Mega Express Orchestra In Light of Turmoil Vula ALIEN TRANSISTOR
* Demen Morgon Nektyr KRANKY
* Hear In Now Cultural Differences Not Living in Fear INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM RECORDING COMPANY
* Ellen Arkbro For Organ and Brass For Organ and Brass SUBTEXT
END OF SHOW: Montys What the Huh SIGNED OFF at 12:01 AM (8/10/17)