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START OF SHOW: dr awkward SIGNED ON at 2:07 PM (3/18/18)
Einsturzende Neubauten tanz debil st kollaps
Kraftwerk numbers computer world wb
little harry revolution Dub Club - Foundation Come Again honest johns
paul junius malveaux and earnest lafitte bye bye bonsoir mes parents obscure zydeco Moi J'Connai records
* BB Eyes Headcheese Heartthrob Headcheese Heartthrob FISH
* BB Eyes im so annoying Headcheese Heartthrob FISH
Ella Jenkins and Children from the LaSalle Language Academy of Chicago Moon Don't Go (with instruments) Call and Response Rhytmic Group Singing Scholastic Records
* takashi nishioka Man in no ki Even A Tree can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk and Rock 1969-1973 LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
denise darlington feel so good mojo rock steady Poli-Rhythm
BB King medley: 3 oclock blues / darlin you know i love you live from cook county jail MCA Records
Swamp Dogg Total Destruction to your mind 13 prime weiners with everything on it war bride
* Sakai Ishinage Odori Preservation Society Ishinage Odori Sakai Ishinage Odori EM
* Futurians Power Distorted Living FEEDING TUBE
* Futurians Tiberia Distorted Living FEEDING TUBE
Drive Like Jehu o pencil sharp Drive Like Jehu Headhunter Records
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Wire I am the Fly On Returning Restless Retro
the new duncan imperials seeds and stems (again) Marijuanas Greatest Hits Revisited Rehash Records
Mahmoud Ahmed kulun mankwalesh Ethiopiques Vol 3 Buda Musique
* Profligate somewhere else Somehwere Else WHARF CAT
* Pandit Pran Nath Ragas Bheempalasi Palace Theater, Paris 1972 Vol 2 SRI MOONSHINE
* Profligate A Circle Of Somehwere Else WHARF CAT
Kraftwerk Chrono Tour de France Astralwerks
* Zov Zov Casting Fata Morgana BECAUSE HEROIQUE
* Zov Zov From The Ashes Fata Morgana BECAUSE HEROIQUE
Bishop Perry Tillis Some Sweet Day In Times Like These... Mississippi Records
Kraftwerk vitamin tour de france soundtracks Klingklang
Coil Loves Secret Domain Waxtrax Records the First 13 Years Wax Trax
END OF SHOW: dr awkward SIGNED OFF at 4:01 PM (3/18/18)