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START OF SHOW: Signiff SIGNED ON at 4:02 PM (3/18/18)
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Yllis Dream Exodus Do Hits
Yllis Siamese ISLAND-01 Do Hits
Yllis Bloom Exodus Do Hits
Slodown Nomance (feat. Jasmine Sokko) Nomance
Slodown Maybe Nomance
Slodown Pussy Willow Interlude Nomance
Slodown Khaled Nomance
Slodown Pigs Nomance
Slodown For the Night (feat. Yllis) Nomance
Bohan Phoenix Party No More (prod. Yllis) Overseas EP
Yllis Future Flowers Exodus Do Hits
Yllis Parade ISLAND-01 Do Hits
Yllis Shyness Exodus Do Hits
Yllis Wiik ISLAND-01 Do Hits
Yllis Lament Exodus Do Hits
END OF SHOW: Signiff SIGNED OFF at 4:59 PM (3/18/18)